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According to the World Health Organization, health is “both positive and social well-being, not merely the absence of one or any disability.” Healthy life does not mean sick. It is getting rid of people who do not mean a healthy life and harm our health. Applications of tobacco and its use or other uses… For this, the things to be done in order are to be educated a lot, to have a good social and balanced diet. You too can benefit from more nutrition, we can be useful for a healthy diet. Here it is, for living for sizing.

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Healthy life means staying away from habits that harm our body and health. From tobacco and drugs or other harmful habits… It also means exercising regularly, getting plenty of rest, establishing good social relationships and eating a balanced diet.

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You can choose the classic breakfasts found in Turkish culture. But do not forget that for a balanced breakfast, you should definitely include milk and dairy products, fruits and cereals in your breakfast. You can add cheese and olive varieties to your breakfast, and you can add tomatoes and cucumbers if they are in season. By including protein in your breakfast, you can restructure your body, speed up your metabolism and benefit from the satiating feature of proteins.

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